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Distributor Freedom, Cross Recruiting, a call to Ethics, and a Declaration of INTENT.

Originally, this blog post was intended to be longer, and more of a ‘formal’ declaration to the greater Network Marketing industry.

Unfortunately, in the process of massively re-engaging with our field leadership, remaking all of our core sales material, planning 3 regional events, launching a weekly bonus pool, and otherwise turning on ‘supernatural-beast-mode’ I don’t have time - so I’m going to keep this a rather concise, yet detailed enough rant to get the point across.


Most of this was covered in a conference call I did about 3 weeks ago, which you can listen to, and freely share in this post.


For an official stance, I decided to write this, to directly set straight an unfounded criticism and myth being perpetuated by either people who are trying to sell our affiliates and customers their products using unethical, dishonest tactics, or from straight misunderstandings.


So we’re going to hit the rumor first, and then come back to the message, and the real purpose of this blog post.


The Rumor Goes Something Like This:


Empower Network won’t allow you to promote multiple offers, or multiple Network Marketing businesses.  They randomly changed their terms of service several weeks ago, and are terminating people who are promoting multiple affiliate products.


Truth:  Empower Network was built by marketers, for marketers.  You can promote whatever you want here - that is not our business to monitor what businesses you want to build, and we have never terminated a single person (ever) for promoting 2 deals - or even 50.  In fact, we’ve allowed people to keep their checks who have left Empower, promoted other things, and directly bashed us to their email lists.


The REASON we do that is because of a fundamental belief that this company was founded with, that if you’re an affiliate, you’re an INDEPENDENT affiliate, and therefore can pick and choose what you want to market - and if we want to keep you, you must have freedom, and be here of your own free will.


See below on our real message for more.


We also didn’t change our terms of service, we re-organized them to be easier to read - except for adding a prohibition against directly and purposefully targeting other people’s teams in Empower Network if you’re an affiliate here - which I think you’ll agree, is a slimy, unethical business practice.


However, in re-organizing our terms of service, we did realize there are things in there that we don’t enforce anyways, never have, and are in the process of removing or rewording to be in line with our actual message.


Now, the reasons, message - and real INTENTION and MESSAGE of Empower Network:


The direct sales, affiliate marketing, and network marketing professions all GROW and attract new affiliates by a direct and specific message of freedom.


Whether it is financial freedom, time freedom, or the freedom to operate your business how you want - the message itself is and always has been freedom.


However, ‘freedom’ is the farthest thing from reality in most direct sales companies.  I had first hand experience in this when a team of affiliates left Empower Network in January of 2012, and joined a well known vitamin company.


They joined, taking as many people from Empower Network to that company as humanly possible, and in the process said some things that in all honestly — would have created a direct ‘termination response’ from every single Network Marketing company I’ve ever heard of.


However, the only thing we 'Terminate' at Empower Network, is wussy commissions.


So instead of turning into the ‘terminator’ — I did the unthinkable.


I called them, and said:


“Hey dudes - I love ya.  You come from here.  Your team comes from here.  You have a big check here - and it’s not going anywhere.  Can you do me a favor and knock it off?”


Bam!  Problem solved.  Amazingly, they all just stopped.


Because I just loved on em and gave ‘em all a big cosmic hug instead.


Here’s the funny thing, though:


Later, all these guys saw Empower Network taking off, and the truth was - their checks and their teams kept growing here.  So one day, Lawrence Tam (yes, he was on the team) he decided to start promoting Empower Network again.


He sent an email to his list, and…


The company they joined terminated him, Layla and Toby Black, and about 60-70 others.


It blew my mind — because that whole team had come from here, and we didn’t care.


The other company though, they threw a damned hissy fit.  I literally couldn't believe it.


So Lawrence came back, started building, and you know what?  He’s now one of ten “million dollar earners” at Empower Network.  Would have been pretty retarded of me to terminate him, wouldn’t it?


So I’m at our “FREEDOM” conference in Miami this January (appropriately named, right?) and run into a bunch of reps from another well known, international Network Marketing company.


Here’s the funny thing:


This company has a list of ‘competing companies’ — however, Empower Network isn’t on the list.  So you’d think an ‘independent distributor’ can do what they want, right?


Well, it turns out that ‘independent distributor’ has lost it’s meaning.


Because this whole team got terminated from big dumb company X for just being in Empower Network.  One of the reps asked a big wig at the company ‘what the hell?  I thought I was an independent rep?’


— and you know what the leader told them?


“You can’t do what you want here.  This is Corporate America with a 1099.”


Well excuse my language when I say … 


“What the F*%&?”


That certainly isn’t why I got involved as an ‘independent rep’ … that certainly isn’t why I STAYED an ‘independent rep’ … and that CERTAINLY isn’t why I STARTED Empower Network.


I fell in love with this profession for the message of Personal Freedom.


Now, with freedom comes responsibility, as the father of spider man would say, so this doesn’t give us a ‘Green Card’ to do unethical stuff… because life has a way of biting back, even if it’s not against the rules.


However - for heaven’s sake - if this is what Network Marketing has turned into, excuse me when I say “screw that.  I'll live in a Van instead.”


See, I believe that if you bring a customer to Empower Network - it was your hard work, your time, your effort, your hard earned advertising dollars, YOUR relationship.


And if you brought them here - you DESERVE to be paid according to our published compensation structure, regardless of whatever else you want to do.


Now that comes REGARDLESS of my personal philosophy, where PERSONALLY I believe that you’re much better off focusing your energy on one thing if you are like MOST PEOPLE.


I believe it’s better for you.


I believe it’s better for your team.


I believe you’ll be happier.


I believe you’ll make more money.


HOWEVER, you’re here to do what YOU WANT - NOT what I want.


If you don’t agree with me - you’re free to do what you want, as long as you’re following laws and ethics.


So I don’t care if you promote your vitamin deal.


I don’t care if you promote your skin care deal.


I don’t care if you promote your drop shipping deal.


I don’t care if you promote your attraction marketing system.


And if you want to quit - there’s a cancel button under every subscription product in the members area - you’re welcome to do whatever you want to do.


Because you’re an "INDEPENDENT" AFFILIATE.


To me that means I must win you over by the virtue of my leadership, by treating you right, by paying you more, by creating a more powerful message, by creating a better company, a better vision, a better culture, a SAFER place where you can BE who you WANT TO BE.


So that’s my mission here.


I will keep my leaders around by my example.


I will keep my team around by my vision.


I will keep my customers around by my service, and by giving them the BEST PRODUCTS.


And you are FREE to stay.


And you are equally FREE to go.


I just ask that you follow the laws, dammit.


Do income disclosures every time you talk about income claims.  A simple: * See our Average Earnings Disclosure HERE. in all your communications will do.  You can even affiliate code it by adding ?id=YOURUSERNAME to the end of the link.


I ask that you not market or build your business by infringing on other people’s trademarks, images, and copyrights.  It’s unethical, people hate it, and it sucks.


Let’s build a business in the marketplace based off of VALUE …


… and do whatever other businesses you want - just understand there are ‘life consequences’ to doing lame stuff.  It will bite you, eventually.


Empower Network is here to stay.


Our message is a message of freedom.


Our values are here to LIFT UP and EMPOWER others - not to tear them down.


So let’s lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.


Thank you for allowing me to clear up the B.S.


LISTEN to the call in this post - it will blow your mind how "on your side" we are at Empower Network.


And if you’re a big, evil company that terminates people because of your huge ass ego — I think you suck.  


Also, if you're a slimy hairbrain that is targeting our people, and lying to them to try and recruit them into your deal - you suck, too.


Make a note of that.


On your side,

-David Wood

“The Guru Slayer”



- The EN Team


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Live Hangout - Dave & Jonathan Live

Welcome back folks, and Happy New Year.

For those who missed the live hangout from a couple of days ago, click the play button above and watch it now.

In the hangout me and Jonathan talk about the future of Empower Network...

...what we're doing to make it bigger, better and easier than ever before.

The steps we're taking with Jonathan to bring Empower Network to the next level, and how you can exponentially grow your commissions in 2014.

If you missed the hangout, watch it now and leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

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Episode 12 - The Hidden Power Of Events (Quick Update)

Welcome back to episode 12.

I just wanted to post a quick update, before I have to take off here.

For the past couple of months, we've been working on making the vision bigger, better and really just moving it to a whole new level.

I'm excited right now, because we have some cool things coming up over the next few weeks and months going into 2014.

We have new funnels being launched, new products on the horizon and badass new sales videos going up.

The message of today is to get to the events...

...because dynasties are created from events.

Looking back over the past Empower Network events, it's easy to now see how every single event has been a pivotal moment for Empower Network.

So today I want to encourage you to make a decision to get to Miami, and bring your team with you.

Tomorrow I'll come back and teach you a little bit more of the why and how of getting to the events.

Watch the video, pay attention and make a decision now to get to Miami.

Leave me your thoughts, and comments below.

Love ya,

- David Wood

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The Final thoughts open the window on a big vision, more opportunity for you, for me and all that we connect with.

We have what it takes, both of us, (yes I am talking to you). Lets join  together and knock the ball out of the park.

Give Thanks, Bless and Be Blessed,


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Episode 11 - Final Thoughts & Expanding What's Possible [4 of 4]

Welcome back to [part 4 of 4] of the 'Costa Rican Mastermind' series.

Today, Jonathan shares what made him lock arms with Empower Network 

We talk about bringing worlds together

Expanding internationally, growing the vision and tapping into your inner power. Helping you create an empowered lifestyle.

It's been an interesting week, some badass ideas have been brought to the surface.

When I started Empower Network, I had a vision of helping other people succeed. I wanted to help people succeed who before Empower Network, couldn't do it.

Now, it's about doing that in a BIGGER way, in new languages, new countries, all around the world. It's time to think bigger.

I'm excited, about implementing the vision, bigger & better with Jonathan, our affiliates and customers all over the world. Helping you succeed more & live better in every area of your life.

Bigger, better, faster.

Watch the video, and leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Love ya,

- David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Look forward to seeing you in Miami, tickets in the members area.

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